Newsletter Time: Three ingredients to keep Organic Food Fanatics Happy!

photo 1

It is time to write our Spring newsletters. If your audience happens to be an awesome group of organic food fanatics, give your newsletter the three point check-up: include only organic ingredients, delight the senses and invite friends.

1) All Organic Ingredients: Does your newsletter nourish your audience? Enjoy the process of sharing what you are learning regarding health, wellness and nutrition benefits of living an organic lifestyle. Treat each article like a delicious slice of homemade goodness from your heart to your readers. Let them taste the crispiness, the sweetness, the energizing foods you write about. Be generous in sharing resources, education and passion.

2)Delight the Senses: Are the photos pleasing, intriguing and mouth-watering? Everyone knows that the best part of Show and Tell is the SHOW, so be certain your audience sees what you do. Display your products, recipes, and events, as well as photos of your team in action. A gorgeous picture is like a gift. The reader can better relate to content through the visuals you provide.

3) Invite your Friends: Is the community included, affected or moved by your stories? If your stories are centered on the community, and how your company interacts with community, your newsletter will be an authentic and relatable. Include up-to-date information about what moves you as a company, and ask your readers to get involved. Include an action item, an invitation or an activity for your readers to complete. This keeps the reader engaged, increases the possibility that the newsletter will be read and shared, and gives the publication and its reader a purpose. Stay tuned for Organica Fresh Spring 2014 Newsletter entitled Fresh Pick to be posted soon!


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